Monday, 16 July 2012

The Mirror

I woke in the morning feeling ever so slightly dazed. After a night filled with dreams of beautiful women in expensive and sexy evening gowns and a sense of general but vague excess. I had woken up surprised alone in my own bed. Feeling incredibly horny & very hungry for some reason. I contemplated masturbating for a brief moment But then I thought I could smell cooking, meat being roasted, fresh bread and expensive coffee. And I thought I could hear giggling, women giggling softly. I shook my head and got out of bed. I could still hear & smell it, but it seemed distant and dreamlike, but it definitely seemed to be coming from the bathroom. I shook my head again trying to clear my head of my dreams lingering tendrils and stepped into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face, & to get ready to go to work.
I just stood there astounded. In the large bathroom mirror there was an unfamiliar girl looking back at me. She was about 23 or so, and astonishingly beautiful, with long straight silky golden hair, so blonde it was nearly white, and the widest & deepest blue eyes I had ever seen. She was also naked and dabbing herself with makeup in what I supposed was the reverse of my mirror. Then she stopped and looked at me as open mouthed as I must have been. She reached out to touch the mirror seemingly bemused as the reflection didn’t seem to follow her movements. Her soft full lips parted prettily in curiosity. I heard the jangle of  a tiny bell & looked down at her sweet full breasts in surprised. Her nipples were pierced and a tiny chain was held taut, by the swell of her breasts and her upturned pert nipples. On the thin chain, with its  heart shaped links hung a tiny bell, swinging freely along the chain between her nipples. I saw the palm of her hand touch the surface of the mirror and then come through. But then as I reached out to touch her hand with mine. To lay my palm flat along hers. But just before I touched her hand with mine my own hand seemingly passed through the mirror too. With a warm slippery sensation and then I touched her. And suddenly I was looking back at my own reflection in the mirror. That was very weird, I told myself, I must have still been half asleep.
But then I looked back at the mirror, watching numbly & astonished as my reflection stepped back & away from the mirror. A smile on my lips as if suddenly unable to believe my luck. My reflection turned hastily and walked away from the mirror, stepping through the bathroom door and turning off the bathroom light before closing the bathroom door, plunging the mirror into darkness for a flicker of a second, before once again I was staring at the pretty girl in the mirror.
I felt a gentle nudge at the side of me and heard the jangle of bells. Still in shock I looked down then around at the flash of yellow a the fringe of my vision. Looking again at the mirror I saw it was my long blonde hair, and the bell that I had heard was my own hanging from my breast chain.
“emily hey emily, hurry up and get ready.” I heard a whisper net to me, the soft voice feminine and anxious.
I looked round and looking at me was another pretty girl, kneeling next to me at the mirror. On the other side of me another girl. We were kneeling facing the mirrors squashed together a line of girls all busy with cosmetic trays.
I looked at her and opened my mouth as if to speak, but then no words seemed to come.
“Emily still thinking of the  Masters bed, hurry up.” She was smiling.
“Yes, thank you.” I heard myself murmur, quite breathless.
She giggled as if in reply & I heard myself giggle too.
As I giggled I felt my head swim momentarily. I looked back in the mirror but it was still the pretty girl looking back at me, kneeling nude next to lots of other very pretty girls. My instincts or body seemed to take over, as my consciousness suffused with memories and familiarity. A familiarity & knowledge that wasn’t mine, but was mine as I had the curious sensation of being a passenger or being on auto pilot. Was I still dreaming it didn’t feel like I was, but. I lifted the blusher brush to my cheeks expertly brushing them softly & then down and around my breasts and belly, on my bottom with the soft brush  too. Then just a hint of  mascara & eyeliner applied lightly. Framing my deep blue eyes, widening them seemingly effortlessly & naturally. & then the lipstick deep and pink & the lip gloss extremely  glossy like a mirror or glass. On the surface it dried quickly but inside my lips it was moist & sticky, feeling quite obscenely slippery. I looked up again brushing my hair quickly. The other girls around me were already veiling themselves. I reached around my ears and found mine. Fastening the tiny slippery mouth veil across my lips. It was very glossy but completely see through too where it touched my skin. And especially across my lips. I gasped as it slipped across them my lips parting ever so tinily. The veil slipping inside the opening, maddeningly sensuous where it touched and glided across my lips. It was pink a very pale pink that I can only describe as a light candy pink that looked like it had some whitish clear liquid smeared across the surface of it. Like thinly smeared semen over fabric I thought with a start. I looked around myself at the other girls and their veils. They’re  veils were equally lurid but of different soft pretty colours. We were all blondes. Blondes were usually confined to the club for domestic, servile chores.
The brunettes, red heads and raven haired beauties were already out, rented to local businesses for a small fee, to perform the many tasks deemed suitable for females. They would return in the evening a small coin held in their mouths. Their rent was paid weekly, the coin in the mouth a half share of any tips accrued. One half to the owner of the business & one half for the club that owned us and them. Girls were punished if the tips were too small. Strictly & quite severely by both the owner of the businesses & by the owners of the club. So girls quickly learned to always come back with good tips. There was always a great deal of anxiety about this as the Masters decided what was a good tip amount and what might have been acceptable one day might lead to a whipping the next. Also the girls couldn’t count, were illiterate  and had no knowledge of the coinage. The coins were tossed into a pot, they were a trifling amount really, but a trifling amount that could get an unfortunate girl a severe whipping.
“Hurry up pretty little bimbos”
I heard an authoritative voice behind me. A male voice. We all stood quickly. Before I stood I managed to catch a glimpse of the man behind me. Well of his lower legs and the black well worn riding crop swinging idly from his hands. I was suddenly very apprehensive and eager to be quickly obedient.
“Hurry up and get serving the Masters their breakfasts”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
We all stood around him, nude and eager as he handed out tiny little silk aprons. Each one matching the colour of veils. They just about covered our breasts and pubic mounds. The aprons were fastened by the string around your neck across the back then tied the strings snugly underneath our breasts in a bow that could be simply tugged loose. You tied the strings quite snugly though so it lifted and plumped your cleavage prettily. The aprons left the back & our bottoms completely naked. As if to emphasise  this he was patting our bottoms as we quickly ran to the kitchens. With either the flat of his palm or the tip of the whip. As I went to follow the other girls The man stopped me with a  firm pat on my bottom curling his very large hand around and underneath them.
“Serve well and one of you pretty bimbos can fetch me my coffee later & suck my cock.” He said it too all of us but seemed to be looking down at me.
I suddenly felt extremely hot and moist between my thighs and incredibly vulnerable. I had woken feeling aroused but now I was immeasurably more aroused and afraid too.
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I whispered, my voice very tight as I could feel my heart almost bursting in my throat.
He laughed and loudly slapped my bottom again hurrying me and the rest of the girls to the kitchens.
The firm slap stung and smarted, I could feel tears just welling in my eyes. Confirming to me that I wasn’t dreaming, I was wide awake and here.
We tried to hurry as best as we could but our ankles were chained in quite delicate but secure ankle bracelets with a short and equally obdurate 10 inch chain between the bracelets. The chains links were heart shaped like my breast chain, but the links were larger and it also had a bell swinging freely on it. All the girls had these ankle bracelets, however some girls had a tiny breast chain like myself whereas others had their nipples individually belled. The choice I’m assuming hadn’t been mine or theirs but seemed to suit them beautifully nonetheless. Although we were hobbled we still had to move quickly and this had the effect of making us feel quite breathless and anxious. As well as making our curvy bodies our sweet breasts bounce and jiggle with each step causing the  bells to ring prettily.
In the kitchens there a couple of  girls cooking & generally preparing food. Plates & platters of cooked meat & freshly baked bread. Pots of the most delicious coffee I had ever smelt. They weren’t wearing aprons but light cotton smocks already smeared with food.. They had very long straight dark hair and an air of superiority to us. We kept our eyes down & answered meekly to them as miss, yes miss, thank you miss. Though they were quite obviously servants just as we were, here they were in charge.
A couple of us were immediately stripped of their aprons and set to cleaning pots and pans. They looked utterly forlorn as they set about the huge & growing mound of washing. As if to emphasise this the two brunettes had short leather switches and didn’t hesitate to switch the unfortunate pair. In response the two blondes would cry out and reply eagerly, ‘yes miss thank you miss’ smiling though in tears.
What sort of a place was this? But I didn’t have time to wonder long as we were all quickly instructed to start carrying out food to the men. I looked around me at the other blondes, starting to carry out plates filled  with delicious food.
In the main tabled area spacious and comfortable, groups of men were seated at various tables. The man with the whip was directing us. I was directed to one table with 4 men seated around it. They were well dressed and groomed. In I suppose smart casual wear. Tailored shirts & slacks highly polished shoes and expensive looking jewellery and watches. Their clothes had been laundered and pressed perfectly by other girls as the men had slept
 “Good morning Masters.” I said prettily, anxious to be pleasing, placing down the first plate.
The first man looked up briefly as I put down his plate but didn’t reply, nor show even a flicker of interest in me. In fact none of them bothered to reply. Feeling small and humiliated I quickly went back to the kitchen for more plates of food & coffees. I had to carry each item of food individually & quickly to the men. Then stand unobtrusively to one side of the table waiting on them. They chatted and laughed confidently  between themselves, only pausing occasionally to snap their fingers at me with curt directions. The other girls & I were quite literally rushed off our feet running back and forth to the kitchens, with plates of food & coffee. As the men chatted I was aware that although I could understand the words. The language was English of sorts, but most of what they were discussing was incomprehensible to me. Business, politics current affairs were being discussed. But I was entirely ignorant of such matters, even the terms meant nothing to me, except that it was important and the business of the men. I felt dumb and ignorant, such things were not for my pretty little head. I suddenly realised that I couldn’t even count the number of times I had been sent to the kitchens for more food, except that I had been sent many times.
The food looked absolutely delicious, everything from the bacon, the small steaks the sausages was of the finest quality, cooked & arranged on the plates to perfection. My mouth and nostrils were being tormented by the flavours. And the coffee smelt so fresh and delicious. The men consumed an awful lot of food, but looking at them all looked trim and healthy full of vitality. Looking at the girls serving so perfectly we were all beautiful & alive with health too.
When the men were finished eating & after I had cleared away the plates I was sent back to the kitchens for hot moist towels. With a shock I realised that I was to wipe their hands for them as they held them out to me. I did so perfectly, keeping my eyes lowered respectfully. They didn’t thank me in the least, just waved me away when they were satisfied. Then they lit up cigarettes & I nearly swooned with the sudden craving. But I just stood there patiently waiting on them.
Finally after a few more coffees & smokes they looked as they were starting to stir. One of them snapped his fingers at me & I stepped forwards.
“Yes Master?” I said eagerly compliantly.
He cupped my bottom patting it. And said to the other seated men.
“Shall we give this slut a tip, for her service?”
“Why should we waste our coppers to spare her little bottom the leather.” One of them replied casually .
He & the other men laughed at me as I gasped softly with fright & felt myself pale.
The other man patted my bare bottom again.
“Open your pretty little mouth slut.” He told me.
“Yes Master.” I whispered.
He took a few cheap looking copper coins from his wallet and pushed them into my mouth, watching approvingly as my lips closed around them. Although I had no knowledge of currency I knew instinctively that the sum was paltry &  virtually worthless to them.
“No need to thank us girl.” He smiled at me with my mouth full, patting my bottom more firmly this time. I had been dismissed.
I quickly went back to the Master with the whip, he was sitting watching the goings on. Kneeling before him he opened my mouth and examined them. He was patting the riding crop across his knees thoughtfully as he counted the coins.
“So few emily ?.” He enquired lifting my eyes to his.
I looked up frightened, realizing I had no idea of how much value the copper coins had or didn’t have.
He tossed the coins into the large brass pot on the floor besides him. Partially filled with the coins from the other girls. If the pot wasn’t satisfactorily filled we would be punished. A couple or even all of us whipped with the crop. The pot was large and never looked particularly full. Then he smiled patted my head.
“Good girl emily, go and clean the tables.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I cried out in relief.
Getting up quickly but gracefully to clear away the breakfast things. In the kitchen the two girls cleaning pans and now a mountain of plates were both now tearful. One of them was asking the other girls bringing in the plates.
“Where the Masters very handsome this morning?”    
The girl being questioned, was smiling teasingly seemingly relishing the tiny  bit of power, the information gave her.
“Oh yes they were so lisa.”
“Oh were they really?” She seemed so pathetic, jealous and anxious.
One of the dark haired girls came over and switched them both. They both squealed in surprise and pain.
“Back to your chores.” They were told sharply.
“Yes miss thank you miss.” They both said together.
I realised that I had been watching them smugly, feeling quite superior as I listened to the exchange. But I had jumped too as they had been switched. I hurried on with my chores, anxious to avoid the switch.
We cleaned the tables and the eating area. Then polished the wooden tables with little more than our effort and tiny cloths. When we had finished the area looked like it had never even been used. The kitchens were spotless too. The two dark haired girls were busy preparing vegetables and meat for lunchtime. There was a large bucket of scraps. Large chunks of meat & nearly full sausages. I could feel my mouth watering. But this was not for us, neither was it for the dark haired girls, but simply to be discarded. The pleasures of good food & drink, leisurely breakfasts, cigarettes,  like all other things including pretty girls like me were for the Masters enjoyment. 
We were all summoned from the kitchens and set to other chores. The area of the club was very large and the leather chairs, occasional tables and hard floor  tiles were to be scrubbed and polished, prepared for lunchtime. The girls were stripped of their aprons. I however was left till last and the Master with the whip lifted my eyes to his & patted my flank with the whip.
“Go and fetch me a coffee and bring it to me outside emily.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I whispered throatily, running swiftly back to the kitchens.
I could see the other girls looking at me jealously & approvingly out of the corners of their eyes.
The 2 brunettes in the kitchen were also I sensed jealous and a little disparaging.
“Hurry & go and please your Master little cocktoy, make sure He enjoys His coffee.”
I looked at them hesitantly for a second or two.
“Yes miss, thank you miss.” I replied submissively.
One of them smiled and stroked my hair, smoothing down my back. “Good girl emily.”
“Thank you miss.”
I took the coffee outside & through the club, where the other girls were already busy scrubbing & polishing. Stepping outside the club onto the veranda into the bright sunshine I was astonished.
Outside the club it was lovely. A small white stoned seaside town, with cobbled streets. The club was quite close to the sea I could see a beach below the veranda. Just off in the distance I could see a road with expensive, very expensive sports cars driving along it. To one side of the veranda there was an area of  small shops and restaurants. All seemed to be staffed by pretty girls barefoot in very brief floral dresses. None of the girls were blondes and all seemed to be happy & contented to be working in the sun. They’re were very few men about as it was still quite early. And when a man approached one of the stalls the girls would gather round him eagerly, but not  crowding him. Anxious to be pleasing to him. On one such stall a couple of men were eating freshly grilled fish, the smell of which was delicious even from here. In a few places some of the girls were sitting in the sun chatting, as they waited to serve. But as soon as a man even hinted at approaching them they became instantly obsequious and submissive. What sort of a place was this I wondered, & how wonderful it must be to be a man here.
But my body & my instincts knew exactly what sort of a place this was. & as if to emphasise this the man with the whip snapped his fingers almost impatiently. Or was it his fingers snapping or the leather of the riding crop, the pleasure whip, on the side of his chair. I dropped to my knees immediately, to one side of his chair, gracefully kneeling. I kept my eyes lowered below his belt as I knelt them looked up from him from my knees on the hard stone patio. With his coffee in both hands I lifted it across my belly and rolled it between my breasts causing my cleavage in the tight apron to swell and plump pleasingly. Then I lifted the cup upwards to my lips, kissing just the very edge, or tip  of the rim tenderly, softly, humbly. I felt a warm wave of submissive, loving  desire to please him, wash over me. Originating from my belly, from an internal space between my thighs, deep inside me. Still trembling I lifted the cup upwards to him, looking up at him but keeping my gaze lowered submissively. Kneeling like this as he was seated above me, he seemed so big and powerful. So important & I felt utterly inferior to him.
“Your coffee Master and a slave who hopes to please You Master.” I whispered a lot more throatily than I expected
He tipped his sunglasses slightly upwards and looked down at me, then indicated that I was to kneel closer in front of him.
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I whispered, creeping closer to him as he opened his knees.
“Your coffee Master and emily’s soft lips for Your pleasure Master.” I was almost choking with desire to please him.
He reached down and took the coffee, tipping His sunglasses back into place. The sun was bright. Bright and hot on my naked back, the stone tiles, warm and slightly uncomfortable under my knees. He was seated in the shade. I felt an uncontrollable shiver of excitement as his fingers brushed the tips of mine, when he took the cup.
“What is the matter with you this morning emily? .” He asked not unkindly, amused.  
“Master ?” I whispered feeling incredibly vulnerable
“Your pretty little head seems particularly empty, almost distracted this morning.”
“Yes Master, emily doesn’t know Master, she feels very emotional this morning Master.” I almost stammered.
As I referred to myself in the third person, automatically, naturally. I felt even more inferior & vulnerable.
“A pretty little bimbo like you should be emotional, kneeling before your Masters”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
He was toying with the whip absent mindedly. Then he lifted the leather tab to my veiled lips. I started to kiss it, to cover it with soft kisses without thinking, knowing it was expected of me. The tab was supple but hard. The smell of the leather strong, very masculine. But also on the whip I could smell & taste the aroma’s of sex and fear.
“Perhaps I should whip you emily and send you back to your chores.”
“Ohh Master.” I burst into tears, sobbing as I kissed the whip.
“Or perhaps I should spank you before you serve me slave”
“Master?” I whispered still kissing the whip fearfully , but sensing a softening in his voice.
“A little fucktoy like you should be regularly spanked.”
“Yes Master.”
“& you crave firm discipline don’t you slave, so you serve your Masters well.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
He put the whip to one side on the arm of his chair & I felt a hot uncontrollable gush of almost devastating relief. The emotion so powerful that I  nearly choked on the hot wave, spreading from my belly and heaving bosom &   into my throat. I dropped to his feet covering them with soft submissive tearful grateful kisses. He lifted my head and my eyes to his. I was so hot and wet now utterly vulnerable, wanting to look away to run and hide but I daren’t.
“But I don’t feel like spanking your sweet little bottom yet this morning slave.” He told me.
At that moment I realized that my body longed to be put over his knee and to feel his firm hand on my well rounded bottom. To be disciplined by him so intimately. I felt and heard my thighs squelch, I could smell my heat.
The amusement in his voice was evident. He was as aware, could smell, as I was excruciatingly aware of my hot arousal. The threat of the whip, or a spanking can be just as effective as its application. Inducing in me a state of utter sexual fright and vulnerability.
He pulled me closer between his knees. My lips almost touching  at the bulge in his trousers.
I looked up at him struggling to bring words to my lips.
He smiled
“Yes you may please me slave.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
With trembling fingers I unbuckled the belt of his linen slacks, and slid down the flies. Then my soft hands slipped inside the brushed silk of his expensive boxer shorts, finding him intoxicatingly hard and strong. I lifting his warm swollen balls and erect penis lovingly from the shorts, to my lips.
“Master is so hard.” I whispered kissing at the almost smooth sac.
“Yes Slave I am.” He murmured.
I was looking up at him, the shaft and head of his penis above me, between my eyes and his.
“I was enjoying watching you and adele, serving breakfast this morning, trying to decide which of you to have fetch my coffee.”
I felt a sudden rush of competitive envy, and jealousy towards adele. The girl who had been kneeling besides me at the mirrors this morning.
“Yes Master, thank You for choosing emily Master.” I whispered kissing at his swollen balls through the sac.
“It is nothing slave, I may have her serve me this afternoon, or another.” He told me matter of factly.
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I whispered, humiliated but still so mollified & flattered to be chosen by him at this moment.
I slipped his right testicle into my lips, rolling it with my tongue lovingly, then sucking around it. Still looking up at him as I rolled his left testicle in my soft fingers tenderly.
He sipped his coffee.
I began to suck his left testicle lovingly, rolling his now soaked right one in my fingers. His taste so warm  in my soft lips. I lifted both of his swollen balls in my hands now and rolling my tongue firmly licked around them and flatly between then. Under him in a smooth long lick just flickering at his shaft.
“Please Master, may emily lick and kiss Your shaft..”
He said nothing, as I continued to lovingly kiss and lick around his now very swollen balls. Then he looked down at me & said simply.
“Yes you may.” 
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
I rose up slightly on my knees and started to kiss the base of his shaft. Kissing it with just the soft swell of my lips as they plumped on him. Kissing & licking him so softly and sweetly. I could feel my own thighs hot and wet, squelching behind me. My clitoris so hard with need. Humiliatingly I realised that I was pierced and belled there too. My thighs were clamped together tightly with need and I was excruciatingly self conscious of the wet sounds I was making and my strong sweet smell of arousal. Thick and almost clinging to the air around me.
I kissed slowly upwards. Kissing around him, looking up at him lovingly, so desperate to please him. Slowly my lips began to kiss at his frenulum and the split of his corona on the underside of his glans. He was breathing steadily now, shifting ever so slightly in the chair above me. I looked up at him kissing his frenulum lovingly and murmured sweetly.
“Please Master, may emily suck Your head Master ?”
His breathing was still measured but tight as he replied.
“Yes slave you may.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I gasped happily, rising still higher on my knees between his legs.
Pursing my lips into a soft heart shaped glossy pout I looked up gratefully, then kissing him & slowly pressing down around him. Letting the firmness of the glans part and open my lips around him. Under the relative softness of the firm glans he was rock hard. My lips and mouth seemed to melt around him as I licked around the head in circles, back and forth. Then began to suck him inside me slowly and lovingly. As my lips began to sink just below the lip of his glans and corona I rose a little higher on my knees and pressed my cleavage around him tightly massaging him with my swollen breasts, glossy through the fabric of my apron. Massaged him upwards into my mouth as it sunk further and further around him. I twisted and rolled my lips on him as I bobbed slowly. My head was swirling warmly as I melted around him rapturously sucking him inside me. Over and over, for how long I don’t know, blissfully loving him.
Then he tensed and my mouth was filled with a hot splash of sweet clear precum. I lifted my lips from him and looked up with my mouth full. He sipped his coffee smiling
down at me.
“Yes girl you may swallow.”
“Thank You Master.” I whispered swallowing the slightly bitter, slightly sweet precum.
“How does it taste this morning  slave.”
“Like a taste of heaven Master, a small taste of Your pleasure Master.” I replied utterly loving and subservient.
“As it should always slave.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
He sipped his coffee again.
Then reaching down, he took my wrists behind me and snapped them into steel slave bracelets.
“Nice and deep now slut, nice and slowly.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”  I whimpered hotly as he started to push deeply into my mouth. His hand wrapped in my long blonde hair, at the nape of my neck. He was so big 10 inches or so and so wide. He pushed my head down firmly. Pushing against my mouth as I gagged on him, pressing his now swollen head deep into my mouth into my throat. Overcoming the gag reflex I began to suck tightly. Sucking him first in then out but not by very much. With his hand firmly in my hair he pressed my head back down again, making me gag and splutter on him again. Each time my suction pushed him slightly outwards he would push in more deeply. His testicles on my chin as he pushed so deep. Enjoying me gagging and spluttering on him as he pressed deeply into my throat. I was gasping and gagging on him then feeling myself melt around him. Melting into him, into his lust and pleasure. Feeling myself a loving throbbing, utterly dependant and  subservient part of his enjoyment. I was only vaguely, dimly aware of my own body, so soaked and waxy melting on my thighs. So very nearly orgasmic, burning & flaming around him, on the very brink of climax, as the tension built and built inside him. Throbbing and pulsing, so powerfully, so unstoppable, so wonderful and masculine in its urgency.
Then he came exploding massively in my mouth. Sticky hot cum. Thick and hot powerful eruption  after pumping eruption. Completely filling my mouth and around him, spurting around him onto my lips. He held my hair tightly, pressing me very deep as he came & came again. Then pulling himself free still spurting strongly he pulsed and spattered thick white globs and wads of cum all over my face. Down my apron and breasts. And then still spurting back into my already full mouth draining himself.
He sat back groaning heavily with pleasure, releasing my hair. I knelt between his legs completely utterly emotionally overcome. The connection between us burst, as my own so near climax, throbbed and ebbed. I was still so hot and wet, so needy & completely impotently frustrated. But lovingly happy and so fulfilled too that my Master had cum.
I knelt there looking up at him as he sat back in pleasure & relief my mouth was so completely full of his hot sticky thick seed. I was choking and gagging on the thick load. Totally overwhelmed by the amount he had cum at least a cup full and so thick, thicker than yoghurt or custard. Such a strong taste and smell too, so potent and virile. I was breathing desperately through my nose. My veil was completely soaked and sticky, stuck to my mouth and nose, making it difficult to breath easily. As I waited for permission to swallow.
Eventually after a couple of minutes or longer he looked down at me and lifted my chin so my eyes were in his.
“Have you swallowed any slut?”
I shook my head desperately.
“None at all slave ?”
I shook my head again.
“Your Masters cum is precious isn’t it slave, and so is my permission for you to swallow ?”
I nodded my head.
“You may swallow once.” He told me watching me.
I gulped down a massive thick sticky gulp.
“Can you speak?”
 I shook my head even more desperately now.
“Swallow again once.”
Another thick slimy hot gulp.
In total it was four hot sticky gulps with his express permission, before I could finally splutter through my still thickly sticky mouth. My belly felt full of him.
“Thank You Master, emily loves You Master.”
“You may swallow the rest emily.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master, emily loves You Master.”
My mouth and face were still sticky and wetly gummy with his cum. It was all I could taste & smell the strong smell and taste of his cum. Always so thick and always so massive.
He patted my head, then reached down and released my wrists from the bracelets.
“Did emily please You Master?”
He didn’t reply then simply handed me his now empty coffee cup.
“Another coffee girl, my mouth is dry”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I whispered rising quickly to my feet clutching his cup.
“Then you may clean me.” He told me patting my bottom.
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I replied my lips sticky through my sticky soaked veil.
Inside the club the other girls were still scrubbing and polishing eagerly. Adele looked up from her knees scrubbing the tiles. Our eyes met, she was in tears, yesterday she had served him his morning coffee. I was nearly in tears too, no longer feeling jealous but deeply emotional & vulnerable. I hurried to the kitchens.
The two brunettes also seemed less superior and condescending to me. One of them came and held me softly while the other prepared Masters coffee.
“Good girl.” One of them whispered to me.
“Yes miss thank you miss.”
“Lucky girl hurry back to Master.” The other told me handing me his coffee.
Back on the veranda, master simply took his coffee & sent me for the cleaning bowl & towels.
I knelt between his open legs and licked him clean, then with the slightly moist towels cleaned him with the scented water & dried him with the other tiles. Behind me I could hear the market area bustling now. Confident loud male voices, and softly spoken submissive female replies. As I knelt over his lap I could hear footsteps behind me. And Master greeting several men above me as they passed. None of them paid the slightest bit of attention to me as I tenderly cleaned him.
Then when he was satisfied he pushed me away to one side and stood up fastening his pants. Sitting down again he slipped off his highly polished shoes and pushed them in my direction.
“You may polish them slave.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I said meekly.
Then while he sat there enjoying the morning I knelt sticky and soiled with his pleasure and polished his shoes lovingly.
I crept to his feet and fastened them, when they were gleaming, and looked up at him.
“You may hurry back to your chores slave, Master is finished with you now.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I was crying as I stood up
“Those repetitive servile chores will be that much more meaningful for you now with my taste and smell in your mouth wont they slave? ” He said patting my bottom.
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” 
“Good girl, I think I may possibly have a swim before lunch, or after lunch.”
“Yes Master, this girl hopes you will enjoy Your swim Master, emily loves You Master.”
He slapped my bottom suddenly loudly and sharply. Bringing tears to my eyes as I yelped quite pathetically.
“Back to your chores now little bimbo.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I sobbed, gathering up the cleaning bowl and towel and fleeing back inside in tears, dismissed.
Inside the club it was warm and a little stifling. The air conditioning would be turned on in time for lunchtime. I knelt besides adele, wanting to feel close to her, as we scrubbed the floor together. We were both in tears emotionally fraught as we worked. Obediently cleaning the club for our masters. As we worked we whispered to each other. She had been summoned by one of the overnight guests after breakfast. He had wanted his car valeted this morning, by 2 of the bikini clad girls in the car park behind the club. And while he had waited, adele had brought him coffee and pleasured him. Then after she had been dismissed she had been called over by another of the clubs co-owners. While I had served Master on the veranda she had been sucking his associate and co-owner. It was a pleasant way for a master to start the day. With a coffee and fellatio. Also it is instructive for the girl. Bringing him coffee & serving him intimately while he enjoys the start of the day, then being sent to her chores. Still hot & wet, needy and frustrated, knowing her place.
It felt like such a long morning too, scrubbing and polishing on our knees in the stifling heat, till the air con was turned on ready for lunchtime. Our bottoms in the air behind us, higher than our heads, swinging as we worked. Our clitoris bells ringing out sweetly behind us. We had to work quietly only permitted the occasional whisper to each other. Both adele & I were quite tearful throughout the morning. & we were both still hot and wet with frustrated need for masters touch. Though in our snatches of whispers with the other slaves, so were they.
My thoughts were totally filled with fellatio and swallowing masters cum. Constantly thinking about serving the masters. Over and over in minute detail the moment when my soft lips parted slowly around the head of his penis. Or that first soft kiss & taste on his head. It was a way to make the repetitive female chores, become infused with obedient and submissive sexuality. So that even the most mundane task, was arousing and became foreplay to our intimate service. Feeling utterly inferior and dependant vulnerably longing for the validation of male attention. Master & couple of other men co owners I suppose of the club were in and out from time to time. But mainly they were lounging outside on the shaded tables, enjoying the morning. Every once in a while they would step inside, watching us briefly occasionally standing over us while we worked. One girl received 2 loud stinging lashes from the riding crops & instructed to hurry herself. For no other reason that I could discern than at his whim. She had been working just as hard and as diligently as the rest of us. The crack of the leather whip on the soft flesh of her behind had been loud and frightening, we had all jumped in alarm, feeling the sting of the whip on our own thighs.
She had sobbed fearfully at his feet, looking up placidly, smiling submissively at him through her obvious distress.
“Yes Master, thank You Master for disciplining this girl Master. This girl will work harder Master.” She had gushed frightened.
He said nothing in nothing in reply. Standing over her with the whip while she  desperately & furiously polished the floor tiles on all fours. Then he had moved on to stand over another girl. This arbitrary discipline distressed us all, leaving us feeling very uneasy & intensely vulnerable. The powerless sense of trepidation, completely overwhelming. Inducing in us into a humiliating subjugation and absolute compliance, as it was intended to. Then to my acute dismay the master from the veranda had come and stood behind adele & me. I heard the swish of the whip behind us then the burning sting of the leather on my tender smooth upper thighs. I had squealed pathetically then sobbed as he had delivered another stinging lash, expertly placed  across the line of the first. Adele had received 2 sharp lashes too.
They knew exactly where to whip us to induce the maximum effect. Not so much on our well rounded softer bottoms. But around and under the buttock, where it joined the upper thigh and was most tender. The firm springy crop, finding the inside of the thigh too, stinging and smarting across there. And as we polished on our hands and knees, we had to keep our bottoms in the air, above the level of our heads. With our rumps alluring and exposed.
“Thank You Master for disciplining this girl Master. This girl will work harder Master.” We had sobbed together.
He said nothing just moved away satisfied. The eloquence of the whip speaks for itself. There was no malice in this brief whipping, painful as it was. Slavegirls are disciplined and directed, in this intuitively simple, efficient, and indeed satisfying  manner.
We kept our heads down as we worked, weeping at the stinging smarting pain on our behinds. The whip expertly placed where our upper thighs and buttocks were the most tender. The whips never marked or damaged the skin, but the area would be puffy and inflamed for some considerable time. In misery engulfed in pain and fear, frantically anxious not to be punished again.  My veil still sticky and gummy with his cum catching on my lips, catching my gasped breath  as I worked.
The morning was seemingly interminable as we worked then eventually the interior of the club started to cool as the air conditioning was turned on. We were all sent to freshen our make up and given our aprons back. Fortunately I was given a fresh veil and apron. Pale pink again, the masters had decided that this cheap slutty pink was a good colour for both myself and adele. The pretty, glossy colours of the other girls aprons and veils were equally tawdry and sensuous. Slutty and demeaning, totally for the pleasure of our owners & masters. Nonetheless we all squirmed and jiggled happily to be permitted this brief snatch of clothing. Jiggled and wriggled hoping Master was watching and was pleased with us.
If breakfast had seemed busy, lunchtime was hectic. The club was full of male diners. All demanding and expecting immediate and servile service. Often changing their orders on a whim or expecting, some slight change or addition and drink after drink. Ice cool ciders and beers, wines shorts. Everything was expected to be just right. I didn’t really know the names of most of the items, I just numbly repeated the orders to the girls struggling in the kitchens. Or to the two men, who seemed to be in no particular hurry running the bar. We girls were all rushed off our feet, running from table to table breathlessly serving the masters. I had a few occasions to serve drinks and snacks  on the veranda. & in the town the small outdoor seafront restaurants, with their straw roofed seating areas, mainly selling freshly caught grilled fish were similarly busy with male diners. & waited on hand and foot by scantily clad barefoot slavegirls. There were other shaded areas where men were sitting around drinking beer and I saw a number of girls kneeling by the men performing fellatio, while then man sat drinking. But I didn’t have time to dally. No sooner had I brought drinks or food to one table, then I was summoned with a snap of the fingers to another table. While the men sat and enjoyed their lunch my occasional reward was a firm patronising pat or more often a loud, good natured, slap on my bottom.
“Good girl, emily, now fetch me another beer.” & so on.
My response a surprised giggly yelp at the slap. Looking over my shoulder sultrily & submissively at the man.
“Yes Master, Thank You Master.” Feeling so pathetically flattered and pleased at being called a good girl.
Finally the lunchtime rush seemed to be starting to ebb away. The club was in incredible mess of plates & glasses to be cleaned. I was relieved that the master with the whip seemed to be somewhat satisfied with the large brass pot of tips, although it still seemed to be not very full. The club didn’t empty fully though. To my surprise the walls around the large seating area, without dining tables, so stifling and sticky in the morning as we had scrubbed and polished, were drawn back & opened up. Opened up onto the sunny veranda and a cooling breeze from the sea. And men in groups or individually were seating themselves there. Outside on the veranda, the area which I hadn’t seen before, had a large pool and some men were swimming around relaxing. Just past this area was a large car park, filled with what looked like very expensive sports cars. These were being cleaned & polished, and valeted by dark haired slavegirls in glossy skimpy bikini’s. Another area of the club was also opened up, which had a few snooker and pool tables, plus what looked like a small stage. This also needed to be cleaned.
I wasn’t stripped of my apron and nor were the other girls. Instead we were set to cleaning up, all over again, whilst serving the seated men when required. I was summoned again and again fetching drinks. Fortunately when serving groups of men seated like this I was given a tray to carry several drinks at a time for the individual groups. But then each drink still had to be served individually. Raising it to my breasts and pressing and rolling it there, kissing the outside of the rim tenderly, before lifting it to the master & proffering the drink to him and my intimate service. Most of the men simply took the drink without thanking or even noticing me.
But then one master had taken his drink and gestured for me to come closer between his open thighs. After I had swallowed his cum, cleaned him & fetched him another beer, he had curtly dismissed me back to my chores.
My face all sticky and red with humiliation. My thighs were hot and wet. I knelt besides adele and started polishing the floor. Looking at her, her face was all sticky and splattered with cum too. As we whispered to each other we spluttered into our sticky veils. We kept our bottoms high in the air as we worked on all fours. Swinging our hips together, the bells on our clitoris piercings ringing out behind us. And the bells on our nipples ringing out sweetly underneath us. Working hard, anxious to avoid a sharp whipping from one of the tavern masters, who was watching the girls work while he and the other men relaxed.
I was summoned several times that afternoon. And on at least 3 more occasions I performed fellatio on the masters as they enjoyed their drinks. It was difficult to roll the glasses between my breasts and to kiss the rim of the glass without getting sticky cum on the vessel. However I made absolutely certain that I didn’t, fearing and knowing that punishment for such an offence would be severe and painful. Then towards the end of the afternoon, when the club was starting to empty, ahead of the evening entertainment, 3 men called me over and had me fetch them beers. Then they had me suck each of them in turn. They came copiously and messily in my mouth and all over me. They had all come strongly and thickly, more than a cupful, in fact more like 2 cupfuls each. The smell and taste was so strong, my belly felt full and I always felt queasy, swallowing just one mans load, let alone 3 thick wads of cum. But I had smiled gratefully and submissively. Bimboishly flattered that they had chosen me for their afternoons entertainment.

I had fetched them more beer and cleaned them with my tongue. Then they  gave me a single cheap copper coin to take to the tips pot. Because my mouth was all sticky, and my cleavage was too, they put the coin between my buttocks. Then one of them gave my bottom a sound spank, as they all laughed at me in distress clenching my buttocks tightly, anxious not to drop the coin.
“Run along now slut, we have finished with your pretty mouth.”
“Yes Masters, thanks You Masters.” I had whimpered in tears as I hurried away. To the sound of their amused laughter behind me.
The master with the tips pot had been watching and kept me waiting still holding the coin tightly in my buttocks. Then taking it he had slapped my bottom and sent me back to my chores. I was now filthy and sticky. I felt like my entire upper body was coated and covered in gooey cum, which it very nearly was. My thighs were so hot and wet, my intimacies felt like an ultra sensitive mass of hot sticky jelly. Judging by the smell of and the wet squidgy sounds from the other girls They were equally as helplessly wet and vulnerable as I was. The smell, very nearly a taste in the air around us, and the sensations of sex & fear, total vulnerability.
I was literally in terror of the club masters watching over us with the whip. Not that they were too concerned with being in any way lenient. The club still had to be immaculate for the evening & customers still had to be served perfectly in any way they desired.
I had sobbed fearfully as he approached me from behind. Then the swish & terrible sting of the crop. Feeling like it was slicing or biting into my tender sensitive flesh.
“Hurry up slut.” I had been told curtly.
“Yes Master, thank You Master for disciplining this slut Master. This girl will work faster Master.” I had sobbed and whimpered.
“Yes you will wont you slut?.” He had said chuckling and giving me a swift third lash for good measure.
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
Then towards the end of the afternoon the club started to empty and finally the masters were satisfied that everything was as it should be. The tile floors, wooden tables and leather chairs all looked immaculate & nearly brand new. As we finished off the other girls belonging to the club, who were rented out for the day were led back in. they were all wrist braceleted and leashed together. Each had her tips stuffed in her mouth. They seemed tired but happy. After each girl had, had her tips taken from her mouth, one of the club masters examined the pot and the girls, thoughtfully tapping his thigh with the whip. All the girls were apprehensive now. Often even if the amount is satisfactory one or two girls are singled out and made an example of. Whipped in front of us all. However tonight this thankfully wasn’t to be the case. Though this uncertainty & vagary also had the intentional effect of keeping us unsettled and anxious to be pleasing.  
They were all unchained and they & we were led into the small back room for the slaves. The tiny tiled room was bare except for mirrors on the walls at kneeling height. And at the back of the room there was another doorway leading to 2 small patent leather curtained cages, one large and one smaller. The curtains were kept closed, retaining the aroma of the slaves who squirmed and slept in them. One curtain was red, and the smaller cage was curtained in pink leather. Unusually both curtains were see through. Though only one way, the occupants cannot see out but those captive within can be easily viewed and examined. I knew that the smaller pink curtained cage was for blonde girls like adele & me. Blonde slaves are considered inferior to even the other slavegirls and kept under stricter discipline.
There was a sunken hole in the centre of the room and one by one were permitted to squat over the hole. In full view of all the other girls and the master watching us and toilet. The master watching over us told us when we had to stop and we obeyed immediately. Nearly all of us stopping peeing before we were fully satisfied, to his amusement. There was scarcely any faecal waste just urine. Our bottoms are to be kept clear for more intimate purposes. After we had all finished, one of the blonde girls washed the area around the hole quickly. Then some of the dark haired & redheaded girls were fed, a gloopy  custard type mixture, from a bowl held in the masters hand. The thick lukewarm mixture had the texture & appearance of cum. Though not I thought sluttily the pleasure of feeling that hot burst filling your mouth.  Sometimes the bowl was placed on the floor and the girls had to kneel at it on all fours. Sometimes he would cup it in his hand and the girl would have to lap it from his fingers sucking his fingers clean. Or sometimes one of the girls would cup in her hands and another girl would lap it. Whatever amused him at the time. The other blondes and I weren’t fed, we were knelt facing the wall while the other girls fed.
The master had slapped my bottom “You have swallowed plenty today haven’t you slut.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I had whispered, my lips & mouth still sticky with congealed and congealing cum.
“And plenty more for you tonight emily.” He told me.
“Yes Master, thank You Master, this girl hopes so Master.”
“And for your ass & your intimate lips emily.” He said patting my bottom firmly.
I tossed my long hair prettily looking over my shoulder up at him.
“Yes Master, emily hopes so very much Master.”
He slapped my bottom again “What a hot little fucktoy you are emily.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”    
Then some large buckets full of warm soapy water were fetched and we knelt together and cleaned each other, with large sponges. The soapy water was oily too, with moisturizer and scenting oils. Also with nutrients that were absorbed through the skin. When we were finished I felt very smooth and slippery, my skin was so soft, no traces of any calluses from our work. I looked at the other girls our skin was flawless and glowing with health. Flawless and unblemished save the small brand on each of our bottoms, identifying our owners. In this case the clubs brand had been burned into our bottoms. We knelt at the mirrors applying our make up, kneeling excitedly next to each other. The master kept an eye on us but allowed us to whisper to each other, he was sat in the corner drinking a beer and toying idly with the whip as he smoking a cigarette. Obviously enjoying the sight of a roomful of nude pretty girls readying themselves, each trying to subtly outdo each other, making ourselves pretty for the men  
Before the incident in the mirror this morning. The other side of the mirror that now seemed so far away now, as if a dream. Women had spent inordinate amounts of time and attention devoted to their appearances. Vying jealously with each other and obsessing over the tiniest details of cosmetics, clothes their hair. Disingenuous and deceitful to themselves that this obsession was anything but for the pleasure and attention of men. Now that wanting to be desired was manifest in the slaves we were, slaves to our Masters.
Occasionally, furtively I would glance over my shoulder, looking at him. Then blushing look back to the mirror. I would catch the eyes of the other girls looking round too, then quickly down and back to the mirrors. Hoping that he might be watching them as I was. I bit my bottom lip, wondering how it must feel to be a man in a place like this. How wonderful it must be to have us so lovely and obedient for them. Instead of being submissive kneeling prettily at their feet. How potent & authoritative holding the whip handle must feel. Pressing it firmly to my lips, instead of kissing its stern blade obediently & fearfully. The thought aroused me terribly. I squeezed my warm thighs tightly together. I was aching for his attention so much.   
He snapped his fingers.
“Come and get your pretty silks girls.”
We all stood up excitedly crowing eagerly around his chair, but not pressing against him. He was picking  out glossy silk slips from a box by his chair. One by one he handed each of us a tiny garment, with matching panties & veils. Most were baby doll slips, some with a little tie fastening the skimpy garment across the breasts. Or filmy slips with thin straps. Little more than tight flimsy lingerie, enhancing rather than covering our curves. Leaving little doubt that we were for the sexual pleasure of our masters.  The blondes were made to wait till last, & adele & I made to wait till the very last.
Master picked out 2 pale pink slips and held them out to us.
“Just these 2 left, for you.”
I looked down at the box, there were plenty of other colours left. Master often played this game with adele and I.
“Yes Master.”
“Are you sure the colour is not too cheap for you girls?”
“No Master.”
“Not too trashy, too worthless?”  He teased us
“No Master.”
 “Of course not, it’s a very pretty colour for two pretty bimbo’s isn’t it girls.”
“Yes Master, thank you Master.”
“Two little bimbos who want to serve their masters well?”
“Yes Master, thank you Master.” We chorused together.
“Good girls! I’m sure you will be made to serve well, wont you slaves?” He said patting the whip on the side of his chair.
“Yes Master, thank you Master.”
 He handed us the slips, I slipped into mine quickly, fastening the strap around my neck & tying the bow under my uplifted swelling cleavage. I looked down the way the slip fastened always made me feel very swollen and sensitive and bouncy. & as if at any moment I would spill out, which made me feel very self conscious as I jiggled my breasts as I walked. I slipped on the tiny panties. Almost as soon as I felt the glossy fabric on my intimacies I felt the fabric moisten and become very slippery on my labial lips and bottom. It was a maddening combination of slipperiness and hot stickiness. I was already squirming helplessly. I fastened my fresh veil. Even though it was clean, there was still the taste & aroma of fellatio on the fabric. It still had the tell tale dent at my lips.
He pushed adele & I to our knees in front of him holding our chins and lifting our eyes to his.
“Such a pretty sight, 2 blondes so eager to serve.”
“Yes Master, thank you Master.”
“And such sweet breasts”
“Yes Master, thank you Master.”
“So inviting, to be covered in cum.”
“Yes Master, thank you Master.”
“Stand up & get ready for the cage girls”
“Yes Master, thank you Master.”
We stood up very close to him, obedient but not wanting to leave his powerful male presence.
He patted my bottom, then adele’s.
“Good girls, run along now.”
“Yes Master, thank you Master.” We both whispered together quite weakly.
“Oh wait girls” He said suddenly
“Yes Master?”
“I think you have the wrong panties on.”
I blushed and squirmed. He often played this game with adele and I.
“Take them off & show me.”
“Yes Master.” We both slipped down our briefs, holding them in both hands out to him.
He looked down as if in disdain at the already wet panties.
“Swap them.”
“Yes Master, thank you Master.” We hurriedly obeyed very refaced as I felt the wetness of adele’s panties sticking to me.
“Now you are both in each others juices, aren’t you ?”
“Yes Master.”
“& you cant tell whose slutty wetness is who’s can you girls.”
“No Master.”
“Now you can go to the cage.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
All the blondes were braceleted, wrists behind our backs & we were led out of the preparation room and to a small round cage in the centre of the club. The cage was curtained. Master drew back the curtain revealing the small gate. It was just high enough to crawl through on all fours and locked with a heart shaped padlock. Inside the cage, the floor was cushioned with slippery pink vinyl. The curtain was pink vinyl too and was see through in one direction. The occupants can be clearly observed but those captive within cannot see out. The interior of the cage was very warm and sticky and smelly too. The cage was infrequently aired, only briefly when the curtain was drawn back and one of the girls summoned out. Apart from that the smell of our arousal, our use and our vulnerable fear was kept in the cage. So we simmered on the stifling smell and taste of our helplessness. Mingled with the cheap perfume that is sprayed within. One by one the girls crawled into the tiny cramped cage. It was only just high enough to kneel waiting within.
In the early evening hot meals were served, usually by the dark haired girls. Then afterwards, later in the evening only a cold buffet is served, though a girl can still be sent to the kitchen to warm up some food if a master requires it. We were left in the cage till later in the evening, squirming and whispering out of the cage. Whispering & pleading to any passing master. Begging to be chosen to kneel between his legs and please him, or to be taken to the booths and penetrated for his pleasure.
I was to be the last one into the cage. But master stopped me as I was about to crawl inside. He closed the gate and locked the padlock, closing the curtain on the girls inside.
“Not yet emily.”  
“Yes Master.”
Behind me I could hear the girls inside the cage. Blindly not being able to see past the curtain, but knowing she can be observed. Kneeling prettily, jiggling her breasts and squirming alluringly.
“Please Master, please Master let this girl please You.”
“ Please Master choose this girl Master, to suck Your cock lovingly Master.”
“Please Master this girl aches to suck You Master.”
“Please Master make this girl serve You well Master.”
“Please choose this girl Master, whip this girl if she fails to please You perfectly Master.”
Over and over again whispering hotly, begging to serve.
My breath was tight and hot behind my veil as I knelt at masters feet, while he unlocked my bracelets. He sat down on a leather armchair close to the cage.
“Run and fetch me a cold beer emily, it’s a warm evening.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
I went quickly through the nearly empty club to the bar. From the bar I could see the girls in the kitchen chatting excitedly as they prepared the evenings food. They all looked so happy, looking forward to the later evening & serving the masters intimate demands. As I knelt by the fridge feeling the bottles, finding the coolest bottle for master I realized how happy I was too. How I wasn’t just selecting the best bottle for him because I was afraid to be punished. & don’t misunderstand me I was very afraid of being punished. But because I wanted more so than anything for him to be happy and pleased. Him and any master who called me to their feet. I was utterly happy to be desired  and lovely for the men for the masters. Happy to be teased by them and to serve them lovingly. Even happy that they chose to keep me firmly disciplined, punished & rightly so, if I fail to please them totally.
I found the coldest bottle & a chilled glass, carefully filling it with the fizzing popping cold beer. Hoping it would be cold & refreshing for him. My own lips were sticky and warm behind the slippery veil. I lifted the glass to my bosom and clasping it there lovingly, walked back to him. My thighs already squelching as I felt his eyes on me. Hoping he was enjoying watching my breasts jiggle as I kept my eyes lowered submissively. I knelt at his feet, close to his feet, he snapped his fingers indicating that I was to crawl closer. He took the glass from me and lifted my gaze to his as he took a first sip then a longer gulp.
“Good girl.”
I was overcome with happiness, unable to speak for a moment, the emotional wave was so strong and overwhelming. He looked down at me quizzically, amused.
“Good girl emily.” He said again.
“Yes Master , thank You Master, thank You for permitting this girl to serve You Master.” I finally managed to whisper, my throat was so tight.
He sat back listening to the girls in the cage behind me, they sounded so hot and needy now.
“Such an enjoyable sound.”
“Yes Master.”
“The pleas of slaves so eager to be pleasing.”
“Yes Master.”
“Touch yourself slave, through your panties.”
“Yes Master.” I reddened in embarrassment, kneeling before him pressing my fingers through the glossy fabric, opening my lips and probing within.
My nub was so hard and swollen already. I was gasping helplessly as I rolled it under my fingers firmly.
“Now emily, beg like the other cocktoys in the cage.”
“Yes Master.”
“Please Master, please Master emily begs to please You.”
I was so wet and needy
“ Please Master emily’s  lips ache Master, to suck Your cock lovingly Master.”
Squelching and squidging in my hot panties.
“Please Master emily aches to suck You Master.”
So hot and wet with need.
“Please Master make this girl serve You well Master.”
I panted & gasped helplessly with desire for him now.
I saw his hand stray to the handle of the whip. He was fondling the end of the handle, fingering the rounded head like the head of a cock. 
“Please choose emily Master, whip this girl if she fails to please You perfectly Master.” I said frightened but completely awash with desire to serve him.
He lifted the whip, hefting it looking down at me. Then pressed the blade, the leather tab to my lips. I covered it with fearful desperate kisses.
“Kiss it well cocktoys!”
“Yes Master, please don’t whip emily Master, please Master let emily please You Master.”
He lowered the whip then pulled me closer between his knees. He was very hard. I could feel the heat of him, through the bulge in his pants.
“Yes slave you may please me.”
“Thank You Master, thank You Master.” I was crying with relief and joy as I opened his pants. He almost sprang out at me as I lowered his shorts and lifted his swollen balls lovingly from them. I covered his erection with kisses looking up at him lovingly. Then I lowered my lips and started to suck on his balls, with his cock against my face, between my eyes and his.
“Nice and slowly slave, while I enjoy my beer.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I whispered kissing and sucking him through the glossy fabric of my veil. My fingers now wrapped worshipfully around his thick shaft.
The girls in the cage were still begging prettily behind me as I rose on my knees, kissing lovingly at his frenulum. Kissing and sucking softly and sweetly at the parting where the glans part and join the membrane.
“Master may emily speak, please Master ?”
He patted my head and looked down at me.
“Yes slave you may.”
“Master, does it feel good to be a man here?”
He chuckled looking down at me indulgently , as if the answer should be obvious to me as I kissed his cock lovingly.
“Yes slave it does, it feels very good to be the man here. To have you kneeling so obediently & eagerly to please me.”
“Yes Master.”
“Rather than being such as you, squirming desperately, or being instructed to touch yourself for my amusement at my feet.”
“Yes Master.”
“Continue to suck me now slave.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
“Good girl.”
I pursed and pouted my lips sweetly, then started to suck his swollen glans. Letting my lips sink slowly down around him. Letting the soft downward pressure part my lips, pushing his cock inside my mouth wrapped in my glossy veil. I sucked him tightly through the veil. Knowing how much master enjoyed being sucked through the fabulously slippery fabric.
They impose the veil on us, because it is so sensuous and symbolic of their control. That our speech, every breath we take, our whole existence is restricted and dominated by them. Subjugated deliciously behind the glossy symbol of inferiority and obedience. The taste and smell of them lingering on each slippery and hot breath we take. And because it feels so good to have the glans sucked through the fabric, before it presses past the veil fully into our hot eager mouths.
Lifting my body sweetly to press my cleavage around his shaft. Massaging him upwards into my mouth with my breasts. Totally engrossed in loving & pleasing him with every fibre of my being.
Then the hot splash of precum. Filling my mouth with its sweet but still slightly sour taste. He lifted my mouth from him and lifted my eyes to his.
“Does it taste good, emily.” He said sipping his beer.
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
“The perfect taste for a cocktoys, isn’t it?”
“Yes Master, thank You Master, a taste of joy Master, the taste of Your pleasure Master.”
“Then you may swallow, and enjoy little cocktoy.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
I loved him enjoying his beer while I swallowed the hot syrupy discharge.
Then he braceleted my wrists behind me. Placing his hand cupped around the nape of my neck, and his fingers twisted slightly in my hair. He pressed me down slowly and firmly. Quickly enough to gag me with each deepening thrust, but slowly enough to enjoy feeling me struggle and gasp gagging around his shaft, around the swollen head as it pressed into the back of my mouth.
“Nice & tightly, slowly slave, suck your Master lovingly.”
I couldn’t reply but obediently I sucked him very tightly, bobbing back on him slowly and then letting him push deeply back into my mouth.
I knew I was popular with The four co owners, or Masters of the club. Both adele and I were regularly chosen for oral service. All the girls were expected to excel at fellatio, and the blondes, confined as we were to the clubs premises, especially so. As mostly during the day, most of the patrons want to drink a few beers and enjoy a nice leisurely blow job. Rather than as so often in the evening, take us to one of the booths, or the rooms upstairs, to fuck us. Or even to sit us on their laps in the club and fuck us.  But both adele & I were especially popular with the clubs masters. One of the masters had told me that this was because when I am giving head, I seem to put my entire focus on my mouth and on the intimate connection between master and myself. And that when sucking I become totally orgasmic & focused on his pleasure, more so than the other girls. Also I had been told that although I am still regularly whipped and punished I had only really needed the briefest taste of the whip to make me a devoted cocktoy and cocksucker.
Once I had fretted and anxiously told one of the masters, that I was worried that I might be swallowing too much cum and might put on weight. He had laughed and patted my bottom, telling me not to worry my pretty little head about it, scrubbing and polishing the floors on all fours is great exercise, he told me. Then he had put me between his knees and afterwards had left me braceleted and set me scrubbing the floors with a brush held in my mouth. Needless to say I hadn’t worried any further or voiced my silly concerns again.
I could feel my head swimming deliciously as I sucked him. Feeling my very being melting around him and into him as I throbbed with excitement, throbbed and burned with his mounting excitement and desire. Quickening with him as he held me firmly in place. Then a hot intense moment of stillness as I felt his cock grow very hard in my mouth. And I felt the pressure build felt the white flame of him pulse in his cock from his swollen balls. And then the massive sticky explosion in my mouth as he came powerfully. Suddenly breaking the magical almost spiritual connection between him and I between master and his total slave.
Pulsing and throbbing now filling my mouth massively with thick white cum. He came and came again in my mouth then pulled back and spurted all over my face, down my slip. Thick sticky globs of cum. Before pushing himself back between my lips and finishing his ejaculation in my mouth.
I was totally full literally choking on the amount of cum filling my mouth. He sat back. I heard him taking another gulp of his beer. My veil was totally saturated sticking messily to my mouth and nose as I struggled to breath through the wet fabric plastered to my face. Behind me I could hear the girls in the cage, begging and weeping now to be in my place, so suck a master lovingly.
Finally he looked down at me and lifted my eyes to his.
“You may swallow slave one gulp.”
I swallowed a very sticky gulp. He made me wait for permission for a second gulp, then a third and a fourth. Till I could eventually speak.
“Thank You Master, emily loves You Master, thank You for permitting emily to please You Master.”
“The pleasure was all mine I think little cocktoy.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
He patted my head fondly.
“Good girl emily.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master, may emily clean You Master ?” I asked tearfully.
I so desperately wanted to perform this intimate obedient chore, licking him clean humbly.
“No emily, I am going to shower and prepare for the evening shortly.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
“Your pretty little dress is now  soiled quite fetchingly with my pleasure.”
“Yes Master.”
“Your lips and veil, now full with the taste and smell of your master.”
“Yes Master.”
“The taste of me, mingling quite deliciously with the aroma of your own vulnerable hot wet needs.”
“Yes Master.” 
“Quite fitting for a slutty little cocktoy like you emily.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”  I replied even more tearfully now.
“Plus it pleases me to deny you that little service, moreover it will make you hotter for the next of my customers you serve. Wont it little cocktoy ?”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I replied quite distraught, and humiliated by the truth of his reasoning.
“Excellent.” He chuckled.
He went behind me and loosened the curtain of the cage, opening its low gate. The warm sticky smell of the girls inside hitting my nostrils as he opened the curtain.
“Get inside little fucktoy.”
“Yes Master.”
I struggled to crawl through the very low gate. On my knees with my hands still braceleted behind me securely. The cage was very small and crammed. He slapped my bottom to hurry me. I whimpered helplessly, grateful that he hadn’t chosen to use the whip. He locked the gate, we all looked up at him as he drew the curtain closed.
“Emily loves You Master.” I sobbed.
“We love You Master.” The other girls cried out equally as helplessly and vulnerable as myself.
“Beg prettily sluts.” He told us.
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” We replied as one.
I heard the loud crack of the whip outside the cage. We all jumped fearfully.
“Beg prettily little cocktoys.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” We replied frightened to the impassive curtain of the cage.
“Please Master, please Master let this girl please You.”
“ Please Master choose this girl Master, to suck Your cock lovingly Master.”
We begged and pleaded to the pink curtain, squirming helplessly. Trying to look as pleasing and lovely as we could, not knowing whether he or another man, or anybody was watching us. Waiting helplessly for the club to fill up and to be chosen. Squirming stickily in the wet slimy warmth of the cage.
My mouth and face were still sticky and gummy as we squirmed pressed close together, thigh to thigh, listening to the club filling up. The sounds of confident masculinity, laughing and chatting easily as they ate & drank. Accompanied by submissive obsequious female voices serving them. In the cage, in the stuffy clammy warmth I squirmed helplessly. Whimpering and moaning pleading to any master who might be passing or glancing in our direction, begging to serve them. I like the other girls were squirming with desire. I looked down at my breasts, some of masters cum had seeped stickily down my cleavage and my belly. The sensation was very distracting and frustration as braceleted, as I was, I could do nothing about it. But I must confess I was pleased to still be able to taste & smell masters cum. Pleased that it was me covered in the results of his domineering lust, rather than one of the other girls.
Every so often one of the passing men would laugh or make a derisory comment to us in the cage. I would squirm my thighs and jiggle my breasts prettily for them, imagining their cock between my thighs or between my breasts, flushing with desire. Frustratingly and powerlessly unable to see even the slightest detail through the impassive pink vinyl curtain. But I could imagine them standing there, looking down at me. Pleasure whip in hand, assessing my body frankly lustfully. It made me excited & frightened to be so subject to their desires, so vulnerable and even more helplessly aroused. 
 The club was always full in the evenings. In the early evenings when food was served we were left to squirm helplessly in the cage. Perhaps one or more of the masters watching us, to select us for his pleasure later. By the time they had finished eating we would be simmering and soaked with helpless desire to serve them.
I glanced at adele. I could see she was jealous that I had sucked the master and not she. Just as I was hotly envious when it was she serving or any of the other girls. When I had first crawled into the cage there had been tears in her eyes and those of the other girls too. But especially hers, we both ached so helplessly to serve any man but also the co owners of the club. A fact known to them and they didn’t neglect to exploit this, and tease us terribly. Sometimes we would be made to kneel before one of them and touch each other while they watched. Or to kneel behind her and lick each other. Until we were both on the very brink of orgasm. Then and only then would one of us be chosen to serve while the other was dismissed in tears. But as I crawled into the cage seeing her tears, I had felt no satisfaction I had been too emotional and tearful to at my dismissal.
The close air in the cage was soon very sultry, the smell sticky with our desire as we squirmed helplessly. Listening to the masters eating and drinking outside the cage. Listening to our own pathetic whimpered whispers begging the masters to choose us to serve them. Then after what seemed like hours the curtain was opened for the first time. With a snap of fingers, to my jealous dismay adele was summoned from the cage and the curtain closed again. Then another girl was taken from the cage and another. As the rest of squirmed in jealous misery. Then adele was returned to the cage her veil and face covered in cum. She came and knelt close to me, not showing off or rubbing it in, but crying having been dismissed. We cuddled as best we could in our cuffs while still crying out to the impassive curtain to be chosen.
Then the second girl was returned to the cage. She stank of sex, her thighs all sticky. She had been taken to the cubicles and raped for the first time this evening.  I say raped, because even though we are very eager to serve, we have no choice in the matter. And the men like us to struggle a little as we are penetrated. Throughout the day we have to continually perform vaginal and anal kegel exercises so we are always very tight. And the men are so big and wide it is often uncomfortable and  painful as they enter us. They like us to whimper and struggle helplessly, and we are often tightly bound and gagged, sometimes hooded as they take us to the booths. Naturally if we are displeasing we will be punished and often the men will spank or whip us before they rape us. It increases our vulnerability and their enjoyment of us.  
And then it was my turn to be summoned from the cage. The first master this evening had been very big and had cum an awful lot. He preferred for me to swallow in gulps as he continued to pump down my throat. Then after I had fetched him another cold beer and licked him clean I had been sent back to the cage. But not for long now and the cage was emptying as the club filled up. I was summoned again and again. And when I had the chance to look round the club, when my face wasn’t obediently between a masters legs. Most of the other blondes and quite a few of the brunettes were either running fetching drinks or lovingly sucking a masters cock.
As the evening progressed I lost track of how many men I had served with my mouth. Rather than being returned to the cage, we had a few seconds to lick our clothing clean and spray some cheap perfume over ourselves before being called again and again.
The master patted my head as I kissed his frenulum lovingly, I looked up at him gratefully.
“You have a nice cute ass slave.”
“Thank You Master.” I whispered blushing hotly at his flattery.
The head of his 10” cock was very big, very well rounded. I continued to suck and kiss him obediently.
“I think I may well decide to fuck that tight little ass.”
“Yes Master thank You Master.” I whispered just a little tremulously he was very big in my mouth and would feel very big inside me.
He laughed good naturedly seeing the apprehension in my eyes.
“Good girl.” He said patting my head again.
“Yes Master, Thank You Master.”
“After you have sucked my cock perfectly slave.”
“Yes Master, Thank You Master, emily loves sucking your cock Master, may she suck your glans now Master ?.”
“I think I may permit that now emily.” He said indulgently.
“Yes Master, Thank You Master.”
He came in my mouth powerfully, holding my head close to him as he pumped thick streams of cum into my mouth. After he had permitted me to swallow, he lifted my eyes to his.
“Fetch me another beer girl and clean me while I watch the dancers & decide whether to fuck you.”
“Yes Master, Thank You for permitting emily to please you Master.” I spluttered through my sticky soaked veil.
“I think the pleasure was all mine slut.”
“Yes Master, as it should be Master, thank You Master.”

“Yes Master, as it should be Master, thank You Master.” “Do you like to watch the dancers emily.”
“Yes Master, very much so Master.”
He snapped his fingers and indicated that I was to face the wall.
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” With a sob of humiliation I obeyed quickly.
He had braceleted my wrists again & left me kneeling facing the wall besides  his feet while he watched the dancers.
Then after he had finished his beer he stood me up between his legs pressing my belly to his hard erection through his pants. He turning me round and pressing my bottom to him. I had squirmed and jiggled against him. Then turning me round again he had looked down at me as I had jiggled my body for him.
“Are you nice and wet, slave.”
“Yes Master, Thank You Master.”
“Not that I really needed to ask, I can smell you slut, and hear the wetness in your panties.”
“Yes Master, Thank You Master.” I had blushed in shame and hot helpless need.
“A good little fucktoy like you should always be kept hot and wet for your Master cock.”
“Yes Master, Thank You Master.”
“So slut shall I fuck you?”
“Please Master, please Master take emily to the booths Master.”
“And are you as good a little fuck as you are at sucking cock, wet little emily.”
“Emily hopes she is Master”
“I think the whip makes you serve your Masters well slave”
“But with a little bimbo like you I don’t think the whip is often necessary,  though it is often pleasurable to keep you disciplined.”
“Yes Master, Thank You Master.”
“The whip is hard and painful isn’t it slave?”
“Yes Master very much so.” I said apprehensively, Was he going to whip me ? Had I not pleased him enough?
“And you fear it terribly don’t you slave?”
“Yes Master, emily fears the whip very much Master.”
He patted my bottom firmly.
“And if you are in the cage, listening to a slave being punished you are all wet with fright and sexual excitement aren’t you slut, you and all the other little bimbo’s ?”
“Yes Master.”
“I find that a very pleasant smell slave.”
“The smell of sex and fear, is quite delicious.”
“Yes Master.”
“And this club has lots of whips prominently displayed and easily accessible.”
“Yes Master it does.”
“And you can barely glance around without seeing one can you slave?”
“No Master, its true Master.”
“I enjoy the trepidation in a girls eyes, the slight hesitation when she sees the whip.”
“Yes Master.”
“It is deeply symbolic the whip, like my cock slave.”
“What a dumb little bimbo you are.” He laughed “Though I enjoy explaining such things to you.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
“I hold the whip and you must kiss it fearfully, likewise you don’t have a cock but you must kiss mine lovingly and perfectly.”
“It symbolises your lack of power and vulnerability perfectly.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
“And at the same time makes you feel utterly powerless and vulnerable, totally for my pleasure.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
“And you love it don’t you slave.”
“Yes Master, Thank You Master.” I whimpered.
“And you love sucking my cock don’t you slave.”
“Yes Master.”
“And the fear of the whip makes you suck it lovingly and submissively, doesn’t it slave.”
“Yes Master.”
“That is why it is aptly called the pleasure whip.”
“Yes Master.”
“But it is far from pleasurable for you little bimbo.”
“No Master it isn’t but it thrills me Master and excites me terribly Master.”
“Good girl.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
And I did love it, being found attractive enough to be whipped if I wasn’t pleasing, by a strong Master, who kept me submissive for his pleasure.
“When I married my first wife, before I took her to my house I took her to the slave accessory market and bought a pleasure whip.” In general wives are confined to the household.
“I demonstrated several whips on the slavegirls working there, there were lots of girls with very red sore bottoms that day.”
“Then I told her that I expected absolute obedience from her.”
“Yes Master she must feel herself very fortunate for You to be so strict with her Master.”
He laughed.
“I don’t know or care if she feels fortunate or not, but I don’t have to beat her, or my other wives  often.”
“Yes Master.”
“But I do keep my house slaves, very strictly disciplined.”
“Yes Master, emily thinks they are very lucky girls Master.”
He laughed again and slapped my bottom then stood up. Holding my braceleted wrists painfully high up my back he forcefully led me through the crowded club and to the small booths. He pushed me through the leather curtain and down onto my knees on the vinyl covered bench, pressing my face down onto the bench too. The booths were quite small and only contained the bed sized bench and a small standing place in front of the bench. The little cubicle already stank of sex, and the red vinyl bench although it had been recently licked clean was still slightly sticky. The booths curtain can be closed or left open as the master wishes. Often we are taken to the booths by groups of men and gang banged. And then the curtain might be left open and the men sat outside drinking and watching as each takes his turn. The booths were mainly for raping a slave quickly. Upstairs there were more luxurious room if the customer wishes to stay overnight and enjoy the overnight service of the girls.
I gasped as he took the pleasure whip from the wall. Stepping behind me he gave me a sharp stinging lash. Then he stopped and started peeling my wet panties down my thighs as I sobbed fearfully. Was I to be beaten or raped or both. It was his decision, entirely and rightfully so.
I gasped as he took the pleasure whip from the wall. Stepping behind me he gave me a sharp stinging lash. Then he stopped and started peeling my wet panties down my thighs as I sobbed fearfully. Was I to be beaten or raped or both. It was his decision, entirely and rightfully so.
“Open your mouth slut.” He told me curtly
“Yes Master, Thank You Ma……” I tried to reply before he silenced me by stuffing my soaked panties into my lips. The strong thick taste of my juices mingling with the taste of his cum in my mouth. He pressed the wet panties firmly into place.
“That’s better little slut, I want to hear your muffled moans and sobs.”
He stepped behind me again and gave me another stinging lash across the backs of my thighs. Then he pressed the blade of the whip upright, handle in the air, between my smarting buttocks.
“Keep a nice tight hold of that slave, while you wait for me.” He said from behind me as I heard him step out of the booth and closing the leather curtain. I whimpered obediently & fearfully into the gag. Clenching my bottom tightly, despite the stinging pain,  desperate to hold onto the precariously held whip. Knowing I would be punished if I dropped it.
He returned a couple of minutes later. I’m guessing he had just gone to the toilet. How pleasant it must be to be able to go to the toilet whenever you pleased, without having to wait for your masters permission.
He took the whip from my bottom, frightened I tried to brace myself for the leather. But instead of beating me, he simply placed the whip down to one side of me, where I could see the blade, in front of my face. I sobbed into the gag relieved.
He parted my thighs from behind and pressed forcefully into my vagina. He was indeed very big, so very big inside me and I was very tight. I moaned in discomfort but also with need as he penetrated me deeply, squelching tightly and wetly around his lovely cock.
Automatically now throughout the day I constantly perform kegel exercises on both my vagina and my anus to keep myself tight for my masters pleasure. The effect keeps me very tight and even for a very small penis, and none of the men here are small, the sensation is very full and uncomfortable, but in a deeply stimulating and arousing way. The masters enjoy our struggles and whimpers. On my first day here my first rape was raffled. 20 men bought small tokens, worth less than a small drink. The winner had me first, then the other 20 raped me in turn. I had been hooded and had to pick the token myself. The men had all raped me, then afterwards I had to pick again and they raped me anally in turn. They also had a small competition who could make me squeal through my pantie gag the loudest. Still hooded I had to kneel before the winner and serve him his prize a beer gratis from the club. And still hooded kneeling before the men lick them clean in turn. Afterwards I had been taken to the cages and left there to sleep in tears. Gagged again with my panties and still hooded and braceleted. I had not been permitted to see any of the men’s faces.  In the morning as I served breakfast I had wondered if any of the men eating had been my first, or even one of the twenty. Not all of the men stay overnight in the nice rooms upstairs, some go on to other clubs, or go home. They had paid me no heed I was just a slave for their amusement, nothing more. One of the clubs owners had knelt me between his knees after breakfast and had me fellate him. He commented, pleased that my lips felt better this morning before dismissing me to my chores. I was in tears but pleased that I had pleased him. The masters often comment that the needs of women are quite pathetic and trivial, & I must confess I agree. But we feel them so strongly, we deserve to be slaves for the masters.

His tempo was very quick and urgent, as I squirmed and struggled. Held down firmly as I was, grinding back tightly against him. This pleased me and thrilled me to my core. That he had found me so desirable to fuck me so forcefully. He was very forceful but also moderately gentle too, some masters are rough and some not so.  He did keep my face firmly pressed down on the bench as he took me though. There are a number of straps and bondage devices in the booths that can be attached to the vinyl bench or bed.
He felt huge inside me, throbbing and pulsing with power. & as his cock got harder & harder inside me he seemed to be getting bigger and more massive inside me. I felt so full almost as if my entire body was penetrated by him. As I ground and gripped him I imagined I could feel every taut vein on his cock, through my muscles. I felt so connected and loving having him inside me, feeling his pleasure and mine mount and mount. Then I felt my body swim away, swim into his. Merging with him and his fierce pleasure. I felt part of him, but still utterly subservient and inferior to him. I was his sexual pleasure pulsing and building. Awesome and incredible, how magnificent it must be to be him. Then the massive explosion as he came powerfully inside me and I felt the wave of orgasm sweep through my body from my toes to my head. Totally overwhelming and inescapably blissful. Wave after wave of orgasm as he pumped and filled me with his cum.
Then he withdrew and slapped my bottom. And spreading my buttocks began to push inside my anus. I was still cumming and moaning into my panties. Whimpering with pain and pleasure. If he had felt massive inside my vagina and my mouth it was nothing to how big he felt inside me now. It was almost like being mounted on a small tower.
His pace was much quicker now. I could hear him grunting and almost roaring with pleasure at my struggles and my tightness. Then once again I felt my body swim into his. A strange melting and burning sensation like stirring thick paint and a raging hot fire. His pleasure and excitement was so massive now & he came even more powerfully and massively inside me. And my orgasm was so powerful now, seemingly spreading in massive waves from my well penetrated anus to every part of my body and seemingly beyond. He twisted me round and lay me on his chest as he continued to cum inside me.
“That’s it slave pump me with you nice little ass.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I mumbled into my pantie gag.
As if in response he took the sodden panties from my mouth. I covered his hands and his chest and arms in loving grateful kisses.
“Emily loves You Master, thank You Master for choosing her, thank You Master.”
Indulgently he let me babble on and kiss him as he continued to pump his thick cum inside me.
Then lifting me off gently he placed my lips over his still hard cock and told me to clean him.
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I whispered overcome with emotion and so needy. Just to be so close to him for a little longer.
He pressed a button on the wall and almost instantly a girl entered the booth behind me.
“Your drink Master.” I heard the breathy gushy voice behind me. It was adele.
“Another pretty little bimbo, in pink too.” He said indulgently as I continued to lick his cock and loins, swallowing all the thick juices of my rape.
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”  I heard adele almost giggle, flattered.
Then I heard her leave. She would be taking his clothes to be cleaned and ironed. Quickly while I cleaned him.
He was still hard and I lifted my lips to his swollen glans and looked up into his eyes.
“Master is still hard, may emily please You again please Master.”
As if in response he spurted a thick wad of cum into my lips. He patted my head and laughed.
“No emily I think I am almost done with you.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I whispered in tears
He patted my head again and laughed again.
“Good girl.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
“And you will be pleased to know that I don’t think it will be necessary to whip you slave.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
“I like a needy bimbo.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
He finished his drink and stood up.
“Clean this mess, while I shower.” He told me indicating the sticky mess all over the vinyl couch. “Then you may return to your chores.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
He patted my bottom firmly and left the booth.
Totally bereft now I licked the vinyl clean through my tears. Kissing and licking the juices lovingly trying to hold on to the taste of him.
I heard the curtain open behind me. It was one of the clubs owners.
“Come along emily, plenty of customers who want to fuck your tight little ass.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
He took me back to the small room with the mirrors and told me to clean myself. I obeyed quickly. Using my hands to wipe up the cum then licking it from them. And licking my little slip and panties as clean as I could. I still felt sticky and soiled from sex. After I had applied some more makeup and sprayed my body with the cheap sensuous perfume he sent me back out on the club floor. It was a very busy night and I was soon kneeling between another masters legs sucking him.
I was taken to the booths several times that night and on more than one occasion by multiple men at once. But sadly I wasn’t taken upstairs to the rooms tonight. I loved to sleep with a Master overnight, lying next to him or in his arms lovingly.
Then as the club began to empty in the small hours, 4 men took me to the booths and raped me as they sat around drinking the last drinks of the evening. I was very sticky indeed as dismissed I was taken to the small room with the cages. The clubs co –owner, the master who had in the early evening enjoyed my fellatio, sat down in the small room.
“Emily.” He said looking very pleased with himself.
“Yes Master.”
“Come here girl.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
I went and knelt at his feet, kissing them lovingly. “May emily please You Master.”
“Yes you may slut, its been a busy night & I haven’t cum since earlier.”
“Oh Master.” I whispered delightedly
“Oh except adele sucked me when she brought me a drink earlier too.”
“Oh Master.” I said just a little deflated now.
He laughed and lifted me up. Then lifting my sticky slip over my head so that it didn’t soil his lap, he placed me over his knees.
“I like it when my bimbos vie jealously to suck my cock.”
“Yes Master.”
“But I also like it when I have to discipline you, for being too zealous.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” I whimpered afraid
“After all you are for my pleasure, your pathetic needy needs are not important are they emily.”
“No Master, thank You Master.”
“But I do enjoy disciplining you so intimately.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”
“Good girl.” He laughed.
Then he spanked me soundly.
I was so incredibly wet as I knelt between his legs with my rump smarting hotly, kissing and licking his swollen balls and shaft lovingly.
He came massively in my mouth. Then left me kneeling by his chair, struggling with the massive wad of cum in my mouth, as he went and fetched the remainder of the girls from the booths. The club was empty now. One by one he braceleted the girls, gagging each of them with her panties and watched as they struggled to crawl quickly through the small low gate.
He knelt adele down besides me.
“You may swallow now emily, just one gulp.”
I obeyed. Adele looked at me her cheeks burning jealously.
“And another gulp.”
After five huge sticky gulps I could finally manage to whisper, through my sodden veil. “Thank You Master, emily loves You Master.”
“Good girl.”
“May emily clean You Master.”
“Not tonight girl, lisa will clean me after I have fucked her thoroughly upstairs.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”  I whispered in tears, I so love to clean the masters after fellatio. 
“Oh adele & emily I think I may have been mistaken earlier.”
“Master ?” We both said together.
Laughing he stood over us and removed our panties. They were both sodden and sticky, soiled and filthy with cum and our hot helpless juices. He pushed adele’s panties into my mouth and mine into adele’s mouth. I was nearly choking on the thick slimy taste as was adele
“That’s much better isn’t it girls.” He smiled down at us
“Yes Master, thank You Master.”  We both mumbled into our gags.
“Good girls.”
“Yes Master, thank You Master.” He was very amused with our completely muffled responses.
“I have something else for you two.” He said holding out a steel collar and leash.
The leash was very short and had a collar at either end of the 6” chain. He locked us closely together. All I could do was rub against her and she me.
“Into the cage sluts.” He told us. Patting and slapping our bottoms as we struggled to crawl through the low gate. The cage was very small and very full, the air was already hot and sticky with helplessly frustration, hot stymied  female need and vulnerable erotic fear. We knelt at the bars in the low cage looking up at him in tears as he locked the gate. Both squirming helplessly wanting to be with him. Then he closed the curtain plunging us into the gloom of the cage. We could barely make out the shape of each faces in the hot fusty gloom. We were pressed closely together with the other girls kneeling upright in the cage, there wasn’t enough space to lie down.
“Good night girls, hot obedient dreams.” He told us.
“Yes Master, thank You Master, we love You Master.” We all whimpered into our gags together.
He turned the light off in the room and we were plunged into darkness. Listening to him locking the door to the cage room. Then he was gone and we all squirmed helplessly thinking about him and the other masters. Squirming wetly and needy, till we finally dropped off into sleep. A fitful sleep full of dreams of  sharp painful whips and massive cocks, full of rape and fellatio, and obedient loving submission.
In the morning adele & I knelt together at the cosmetics mirror. We loved each other but were insanely jealous of each other too. A fact not unnoticed and mercilessly exploited by the masters.
I looked into the mirror and in shock saw the reflection again in the bathroom mirror. The face looking back at me was amused and seemingly very relieved to be still in my old bathroom. I reached out to touch the mirror but my gesture wasn’t reciprocated. Instead as I touched the mirror the bathroom light was turned off and as my fingers touched the cold firm glass the image in the mirror turned and walked away and then the image vanished and I was again looking at myself in the mirror kneeling closely next to adele.
“Emily hurry up pretty little bimbo, the Masters will be waiting for their breakfasts, and afterwards their blow jobs.” Adele giggled at me.
I knew I would never see the image in the mirror again. And I also knew I was very frightened and secretly very pleased too.
I turned and kissed adele fully on the lips.
“Yes thank you sweet sister, & thank You Masters.”

I only wish my dream was true.